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Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned wisdom-teacher who teaches workshops and courses both online and in-person around the world.

Her online courses have helped hundreds of adults and families around the world. They cover topics like anger, anxiety, purpose, meaning, relationships and conscious health. In addition, she regularly teaches group-meditation classes virtually and in-person as well.

Taking her courses have the power to change your life.
They can be taken in the comfort in your home.

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Featured Courses

All courses are accesible entirely online and at your convenience

Conscious Parenting 2.0 Method Full Course

A step-by-step method to raise an empowered and joyful kid.

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The Awakened Heart

You will be guided into the deep recesses of your soul, layer by layer, until you arrive at your inner wholeness

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A Radical Awakening10-Day Deep Dive Course (15 Hours)

A new journey unto your most awakened self. Discover your worth, empowerment and freedom

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Parenting Mastery Summit

30+ top global on how to master your parenting

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Relationship Burnout Workshop

For parents and couples

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The Year of Manifestation

A journey toward your destiny, authenticity, flow and transformation.

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The Awakened Family - Level 1 & Level 2

These daily practices for 8 weeks will transform your home and your self in a powerful way.

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Parent Reboot Workshop

Solutions for the five common conflicts of parenthood.

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Teens Troubles? Learn Critical Navigation Tools

Learn how to consciously journey though this pivotal time in your child's life through this transformational course.

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Conscious Parenting Strategies For Success With Kids Under 6

Start childhood the right way with 10 Key Conscious Parenting Strategies for Success With Kids Under 6.

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l u m i n o u s ™

A holistic membership-based community focused on the whole self, BODY, MIND and SOUL because a consciously...

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The Awakened Heart - Meditation

In this add-on to the Awakened Heart course, Dr. Shefali introduces you to the power of meditation...

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Dr. Shefali

About Dr. Shefali

Oprah has endorsed Dr. Shefali's groudbreaking work in conscious parenting as revolutionary.

Dr. Shefali has written four books, three of which are NYT best-sellers, including her two landmark books, The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and specializes in the integration of western psychology with eastern philosophy.

As an international speaker, she speaks at events around the globe, spreading her message of conscious parenting and mindful living.

She also has a conscious coaching institute where she trains coaches to practice her philosophy and spread its message around the globe.

She also has a private practice where she consults with families and couples.

You can schedule a coaching session on Zoom/phone by clicking the button below. 

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