Teens Troubles?

Learn Critical Navigation



Learn how to consciously journey through this
pivotal time 
in your child's life through this
transformational course

Special Online Course for Parents of Pre-Teens and Teens

The teen years are a turbulent time for both parents and kids. While they are stormy by nature, there are many things a parent can do to help navigate these waters with greater mindfulness and calm. Learn how to consciously journey through this pivotal time in our children’s life through this transformational online course.


In this online course, you will (learn to):


  • How to communicate in a way that they understand
  • Fill in the gaps in development and help create a whole adult
  • Teach mindfulness and self-awareness during this rocky stage of identity formation
  • Learn how to control what you can and detach from what you cannot
  • Get over 4-5 hours video instruction with Dr. Shefali

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